A Short Travel Guide for Your California Tour

Being the most populous city of the United States, California is known for its robust cities and vibrant culture. Much of this is exhibit in the form of popular cinema, beach life and thriving economy of the state. Hispanic influence on the Californian cities is quite evident as the State was once part of the Mexico and Spanish Empire.

The Mediterranean-type climate of California is bliss for it’s inhabitants but the state’s mountain ranges have created rain-shadow areas that have led to extensive deserts in the east. It’s quite common for Death Valley in California to witness temperatures over 50°C during summers. So those planning to book their airline tickets from Seattle to Los Angeles could get a short guide for their California visit.

1. Death Valley: Though the overall climate of this desert region is inhospitable, Death Valley promises to be a perfect site for its visitors. Its sand dunes, parched land, salt fields and small lakes portray the wildness of nature at its best. Badwater Lake, lying at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest point of the continent.

2. National Parks: King Canyon National Park, along with Sequoina National park is famous for giant redwoods, granite peaks, mountain lakes, deep gorges, rivers and wild forest — everything that a true adventurer or a backpacker could ask for. Here one may take the hiking trails and track along the famous “John Muir Trail” or the Pacific Crest trail. 
At the Kings Canyon National Park, you may come across the General Grant standing at 267ft above ground level. This tree is the second largest tree in the world. Equally majestic is the Redwood Mountain Grove located in the park.

3. Hollywood: Visit to California would be absolutely incomplete without a trip to Hollywood. At Hollywood, there are a number of places to visit and things to do. Be it a tour to the great production houses or a walk along the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame. So as you buy your airline tickets from Seattle to Los Angeles, a day’s visit to Hollywood is indispensable.

4. Sea World: On the South Californian coast, one may visit the Sea World in San Diego. It is a theme based oceanarium and a marine mammal park where several water shows are exhibited for the visitors. These shows feature killer whales, California sea lions, Asian small-clawed otters, exotic birds, ducks, etc. Bottlenose dolphins are one of the central attractions of the oceanarium and visitors can interact with these creatures.

5. LA Beaches: The beaches of California are all about fun, party and sun. Of these, Long Beach and Venice beach is adobe to several cheerful locals and lively events. You may visit the “Queen Mary” liner at the Long Beach to make the most of your beach visit. Similarly, the extensive stretch of golden sand at Venice beach attracts several beach-lovers for jogging, sunbathing, diving, rollerblading, and beach sports. The demand for airline tickets from Seattle to Los Angeles is surging with the onset winters, and more and more travelers want to be a part of this excitement.

6. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: The Bridge is all about the essence of the city. Its orange frame against the blue waters of San Francisco Bay provides a beautiful view during dusk. Even the fogged mornings are best time to get a glimpse of this giant structure.