Navigate the Streets of Belgium with these top-rated city attractions

Traveling in Belgium, one may easily find oneself awestruck with its beautiful canals, chivalrous rooftops, delectable beer, and even more indulgent Belgian chocolates. However, there is much for one to see in this extraordinary European country, where time passes by fastly and the people are warm and welcoming to visitors. From downtown cities boasting of designer shops and glamorous galleries to cobblestone streets laden with museums and native indulgences, Belgium has enough to allure you with its beauty and spectacular marvels. So check out hot flight deals with Brussels Airlines tickets and reservations for major destinations in Belgium and around Europe.

The Battlefields of Flanders

The Battlefields of Flanders is considered to be a major pilgrimage site, as during World War I thousands of soldiers died here. The area is well-preserved and is also scattered with vast cemeteries for thousands of soldiers who died here. Thousands of visitors every year come to witness this place, as Belgium played a major role during the World War I. The Langemark’s German War Cemetery and Tyne Cot Cemetery are both reminders of the barbarous war that took place years ago.

Ghent’s Gravensteen

This massively spectacular fort was once the house of Flanders who took their inspiration from the beautiful castles of Syria. The castle’s thick and high walls rise up from the waters of the river in the center of the old town Ghent while the interiors comprise of vast halls and opulent chambers. Panoramic views of the terrace must be explored as it offers an insight into the magnificence of the settings. The castle has been incredibly preserved and is considered to be one of the best surviving marvels of Europe.

Ghent’s Gravensteen

Meuse Valley

Belgium’s lush countryside, the Meuse Valley, is a perfect place to take a trip and get away from the hustles of downtown. The real highlight of this place is its incredible scenery that holds beautiful sightseeing locations such as dense forests, cutesy towns, limestone cliffs, the burbling river and of course, the mountains. The towns of Dinant and Namur serves as a entrance to this place. Both the towns holds some splendid cliff tops and historical sights. The backpackers can add some thrilling activities to their holidays such as hiking and cycling on the trails.


Bruges boasts of breathtaking medieval architecture and amazingly Belgian chocolates, particularly located on southern side of the city. Known as the Europe’s Venice of North, Bruges is the place to stay when on a vacation. The pleasant canals is the main reason the captivates any tourist visiting this city. Take a day tour to the western side of the city which features Gothic style Provincial Court and the Belfry Tower. Some other sites also must not be missed including the marvelous Saint John’s Hospital and Gruuthuse Mansion.

Semois Valley

The exuberant Semois Valley is the perfect antidote to buzzing Belgium’s cities and towns. The Semois River cuts through dense forest-clad in hills and is also known to be prime hiking site. For those who do not prefer hiking for seeing this scenic landscape, a riverboat trip is a fantastic option. It is advised to visit this valley during the spring season, as the blooming of wildflowers enhances the beauty of this town. The scenery is utter beautiful when the surroundings are reflected in the Semois river.

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