Travel Ideas for Your Houston Visit

As the fourth-most populous city in the United States with an estimated population of over 2.2 million, Houston is the largest city in the Southern United States. It is a city known for Fortune 500 companies, world’s largest medial center, NASA, and sprawling urban settings. For this and various other reasons, Houston is truly a global city.

It is a typical city that represents what we call as consisting a multicultural, metropolitan mix.

There are flights to Houston from different parts of the world. Similarly, people traveling from Houston can take a direct flight from the city’s George Bush Airport. For example, those looking for Houston to Cape Town flights might find it quite easy to book their return flight. Similarly, there are several tour operators providing economic airfare from Houston to Capetown.

Visiting Houston:
Houston has a mild tropical climate with round-the-year lush and greenery. So climate shouldn’t play any particular role in deciding your trip for this Texan city. For those who would love to get the real taste of the city, it would be advisable to visit Houston during March-April.

Rodeo show that takes place during the month of March may give you a good glimpse of some real Texan experience. April showcases the world’s largest Art Car Parade that draws crowds in droves. July remains the hottest month of the year with temperature rising up to 34 Degree Celsius. And given its record humidity, spring and summer months in Houston could make you feel much warmer.

Touring the City:
Though it would be much convenient to move across in a car, city’s public transport is no less efficient.You may board a metro rail or city buses with $3 a day pass. So get a pass and get to the bustling Downtown or the upscale River Oaks. You may even take a walk to the Museum District to get the cultural aspect of the city and the state. So before you book your return ticket for Houston to Cape Town flights, make sure you have checked the Mexican food of the city.

Eating Out:
As obvious, there are several Mexican and Spanish restaurants serving serving various Latin savories. For best sushi in Houston, visit U chi. Liberty Kitchen & Oyster and Charcoal are some of the the new restaurants that you may check out for yourself.

Rothko Chapel: A work of modern art, the chapel has a shape of an octagon inscribed in a Greek Cross. It has 14 black hued paintings by Mark Rothko, an American painter.
Houston Space Center: Houston Space Center is one of the city’s main attraction which gives the visiting tourists some real learning experience. Tourists visiting Houston could take a historic tour of the venue and get the overview of the NASA’s space program. As part of the activities inside the space center, you may experience the real weightlessness of the space. Then there is the Blast Off Theater where you could experience the thrill of a rocket launch.