Adjuster Advocates Are Your Answer to all Insurance Claim Problems

No matter how secure you feel, you are never safe enough in a life filled with unexpected incidents and one never knows when a troubling ball may drop on you.

To give you the necessary resources to recover in the aftermath of mishaps like serious medical conditions, fire or road accidents, and/or loss of life, insurance policies were devised to give you the all-essential financial support.

By the sound of it, it all sounds pleasing and helpful. But the truth is far from it because claiming an insurance is like winning a battle and that too a long and a testing one. The tedious paperwork, and frustrating efforts that go into resolving claims can take a toll on anyone, especially when your safe boat has already capsized.

In times of such desperate needs to solve the insurance claim problem, you need an experience adjuster advocate by your side to ease the pain and add pace to the whole process.

What is an adjuster advocate?
An adjuster advocate is a professional claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. Now, that was the technical definition of it. Simply put, an adjuster advocate fights the claim on your behalf to help you swiftly cash-in on the insurance policy.

Three reasons to hire an adjuster advocate
Whether you need local or international adjusters, going in without one by your side is a bad idea. When you’re in a deposition, you need professional assistance depending upon the magnitude of the loss.
The reasons to hire one are many, but here are the top three:

Maximizing settlement : According to a report based on the data in the State of Florida, the use of a insurance adjuster advocate does increase the final amount of the claim payments. With the kind of experience and exposure they have, the adjusters can examine the intricate conditions mentioned in the policy agreement to shift the balance in your favor.

The adjuster is paid from the recovery : An adjuster advocate is usually paid a percentage of the recovery amount. So, it essentially becomes his/her duty to work diligently to get properly paid for your claims. The higher the recovery, the higher will be his/her cut.

People don’t handle grief too well : In most cases the grief caused is not because of the insurance company’s actions but by the traumatic loss itself. So, the stress will only be compounded by the poor handling of the claim and thus, you need to hire help to deal with it.

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