Jackie Walker’s Select Cuts

The anti-Semitic “anti-Zionist” posts her favorite excerpts from a breakout session of the Palestine Expo in London.

John-Paul Pagano
Jul 9, 2017 · 4 min read

There are few types creepier than the U.K. far-Left partisan of the Palestinians.

This weekend many of these people will assemble in London at Palestine Expo, a two-day platform to mark the tragedy of Israel’s founding — “100 years of the Balfour Declaration”— and the occupation of the West Bank and “siege” of Gaza. Prime specimens are scheduled to appear, including professional apologists for anti-Semitism Ben White and The Electronic Intifada’s ginger journeyman, Asa Winstanley.

Yet among the rank-and-file roaming the convention hall, perhaps the most egregious of all is Momentum agitator Jackie Walker, who became notorious last year for echoing the black-supremacist canard that Jews were “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade” and slamming Holocaust Memorial Day — erroneously — for neglecting to honor non-Jewish genocides.

Jackie’s delighted to attend Palestine Expo and she’s making videos. Below are three that she posted to Facebook, containing select cuts from a breakout session. The emcee chose a whimsical format, leading the audience through letters of the alphabet, each denoting a topic for comment by anti-Zionist speakers.

In the first video, three speakers claim, respectively, that Israel sterilizes black mothers to maintain white supremacy; that most Jews today are not genetically Jewish and thus have a spurious claim to the Holy Land; and that Israeli snipers murder Gazan children every day.

Speaker Kareem (around 6:10) — “X for Xenophobia”:

If you Google race riots [unintelligible] there’s a huge controversy about the sterilization of black mothers, so there will not be black Jewish children in Israel, again to protect the white colonial Jewish majority of the state of Israel.

Speaker Jonathan Rosenhead (around 12:35) —“J” (apparently for “Jews”):

Interestingly enough, an Israeli historian, not the most favorite Israeli historian of Israelis, called Shlomo Sands [sic], who gave quite convincing evidence that most Jews are not Jewish [laughter] in that a high proportion of them are actually the result of forced conversions in the Middle Ages in Central Europe. So in fact not only have those people not been to Israel, but none of their relatives ever came from Israel before.

Speaker Colin Green (around 16:28) — “G for Gaza”:

The press never talks about the killings that go on, on a daily basis, in Gaza across the border. If you know your facts, the border is about 1500 meters… a sniper can shoot down a child on their farmland… close to the border, even if they’re a mile away, and that’s happening on a daily basis.

In the second video, two speakers claim, respectively, that Ken Livingstone was a “hero” for spreading the important information that the Zionists collaborated with Hitler; and that Zionists are hypocrites for objecting to the slur “Zio”, which is not “purely” anti-Jewish.

Speaker Jonathan Rosenhead again (around 1:00) — “L is for (Ken) Livingstone”:

What happened was that in a rather confused radio interview [Ken] used the words “Hitler” and “Zionism” in the same sentence… What he did was to reveal in a slightly gullible way something which people should have known more about, which was the fact that the Zionists and the Hitler regime did combine together and talk about how to get more Jews out of Germany into Palestine in the 1930s. So… we’re supposed to say that Ken is an anti-Semite. He’s not, he’s a hero.

Speaker Les (Leventhal?), “Jewish anti-Zionist activist” (around 5:05) — “Z is for Zionism”:

The supporters of Israel have a contradictory attitude towards the term “Zionist”. That’s what they call themselves… But whenever its critics use the term, such as by saying that Zionism is a racist colonial settler project which depended on expelling and oppressing and attacking the indigenous people, and especially if we use the short version — “Zio” [he uses mock-imperious tone, audience member goes “Oooooo”] — we’re accused of insulting them in an anti-Semitic way for purely anti-Jewish motives.

In the third video, a speaker argues Hamas is neither anti-Semitic nor violent in its goal of bringing about an end to the Jewish state.

Speaker Salma, “human rights lawyer, British Palestinian” (around 9:20) — “I for ‘Israel’s Right to Exist’”:

One thing to note by the by is Hamas recently changed its Charter, so as to remove the offending section, but even if you look at the Charter as it was, again, the issue really is this conflation that Israel makes, this wrongful conflation between a state, which is a political and legal construct, therefore an inanimate object, something that can be dismantled, and a people and human beings who of course have rights, have a right to life, have a right to other human rights. So the point is, whatever, whether you agree with the Hamas’ Charter or not, it was talking about the dismantlement of Israel as currently constituted, as a state currently constituted as a Jewish state, and I guess its transformation into different sort of political entity, and that says nothing at all about the rights of Israeli people — Jewish or non-Jewish — who happen to live in what’s currently Israel.

In the weeks leading up to Palestine Expo attempts by various organizations to shut it down failed, though it would seem their concerns that the event would foster extremism and anti-Semitism were not unfounded.

Other speakers include ex-NUS president Malia Bouattia, Muslim Brotherhood legatee Tariq Ramadan, and the Milosevic apologist and aging surfer, John Pilger. I’ll make updates if more media emerges from the conference.

John-Paul Pagano

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I'm a writer who focuses on utopian and totalitarian ideas, mostly as they find expression in antisemitic reaction to Israel and modernity.

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