I see me. Fuck. I see what I am and not.

I am a insecure nice guy. I can be an asshole with the fight to back it up, win or lose.

I’m curious about death.

Growing up hearing about all sorts of events and what not that takes place once ‘it’ happens.


Some have come back from the dead.

So to say, revived from a near drowning for example.

What really goes through your mind when some one tells you , “ they’re in a better place.”

I’m like, ‘ where is this place and why aren’t we all there now?’

It’s scary. Believe in God. Believe in re-incarnation, science, or spaghetti.

Just know that in the end. It’s just you. What you ‘see’ is only, what you see. No one knows. None of us will until our time comes.

I guess all we can do is be kind, do good and let’s all put each other up!

We are all beautiful!

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