Sportsbet UCD Principle: Make it Easy

It seems obvious right? So why are some many things hard to use?

Prioritising it being easy is vital. We all have loads of great ideas, which can make it a challenge to focus on the simple stuff. Always having the basics of ‘is this easy?’ in the front of our minds is always important.

New things are hard. We have to think about how to use them. If a familiar pattern works, use it again. Only create new patterns for users to learn if the value to the user is higher than the cost of the learning curve. Using usability best practice means that we are also reusing patterns from other apps that the user would have used on other apps.

It has to be easy for the actual user. We often forget that we are super users. Many things that seem easy for us (e.g. Swipe to delete) are advanced features for any users. The best way to tell if it is easy is to give it to a real customer and see how they cope.

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