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John Pavlus
1 min readJul 29, 2016

I recently transplanted my personal blog from Wordpress over to, a paid blogging platform that uses Dropbox and {your preferred text editor} instead of a CMS. I can’t recommend it heartily enough.

Blot’s charmingly British tutorial.

Now that I can compose and publish posts without ever leaving the friendly confines of iA Writer (my preferred text editor), another thought occurs to me:

iA Writer 3 now lets you publish posts directly into Medium (as Drafts). Which means that I can now cross-post blog entries to Blot and Medium — still without leaving iA Writer!

iA Writer’s gorgeous UX film.

This makes me very happy. iA Writer is such a perfect writing environment that it makes me want to write more often just so I can luxuriate in its sublime typography and crystalline UI. But if I had to pick a second-favorite text editor, it would probably be Medium. It’s just a bonus that people actually read stuff that gets published there (no offense, Blot).

So, this is looking like the best of both worlds. I’ll try it for a while and see how it feels.

(Here’s the post on my own blog. Yes, it’s not as pretty there, yet.)



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