What are the common traits of PM’s that you’ve loved working with?
Lexi Sage

Hi Lexi. I have a couple posts that probably answer your question. Off the top of my head:





In that last post, I list some things I look for …

  • Show empathy NOT indifference
  • Ask why and who NOT how and what
  • Serve teams NOT agendas
  • Be guided by principles NOT plans
  • Be a team-member NOT a team-driver
  • Focus on challenges and needs NOT titles
  • Treat teammates like creative makers NOT resources
  • Provide context and data NOT solutions and platitudes
  • Have suggestions and opinions NOT demands and fiats
  • Be curious and open NOT dismissive and stubborn
  • Harness diversity NOT conformity
  • Embrace simplicity NOT oversimplification
  • Deliver outcomes and impact NOT features and output
  • Build less NOT more
  • Be transparent NOT opaque or manipulative
  • Be accessible NOT elusive or overbearing
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