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Thanks for giving it a read. I was toying with putting labels on the colors but I decided to leave it suggestive instead of prescriptive. I was thinking about (in order):

  • Team Role: team interaction and information flow
  • Responsibility: as it related to this thing we call “The Product”
  • Context: Evolving technology / cultural impacts on the role
  • Learning: Evidence based approaches
  • Design & Delivery: Approach to “design and delivery” (used in the broadest terms … both in terms of technical design and ux design)

I perhaps paid too much attention to the order. But the idea was:

  • Drive Outcomes seemed liked a natural transition between the role discussions. As in …. if you’re driving outcomes, you shouldn’t worry about keeping people busy
  • Evolving experiences seemed like a natural transition to the product ecosystem from “features vs. workflows and jobs”.
  • Iterate and monitor is required when you have ecosystems. You are delivering a continuous service with non-hard-good products (and even with hard-goods, they exist in an ecosystem of touchpoints)
  • And discovery and learning is a required design approach when you aren’t shipping and forgetting.

Could write more on this, but hopefully that gets some of the thinking out there.