What I’ve Been Up To (…a Book)

Apologies for slowing down my writing output! I’ve been busy the last couple months co-writing, editing, and producing a book on the North Star Framework for Amplitude Analytics (my day job). Luckily the book heavily overlaps most of my interests, and I was even able to include some prior drawings and explainer videos. I wouldn’t say it is the penultimate “John Book”, but it was a huge learning experience and I loved working with a team on something (not to mention a big group of 50+ reviewers).

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What is the North Star Framework? Nothing groundbreaking…but surprisingly effective (especially at triggering the right conversations).

The North Star Framework is a model for managing products by identifying a single, crucial metric (the North Star Metric) that, according to Sean Ellis, “best captures the core value that your product delivers to [its] customers.”

You might be interested if you want:

  • A greater sense of impact and coherence in your work.

Let me know what you think, and I hope to be back writing shorter blog posts soon!

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Multiple hat-wearer. Prod dev nut. I love wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qual/quant data. @johncutlefish on Twitter.

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