Writing Plans for 2020

John Cutler
2 min readJan 5, 2020


Just a quick note that in 2020 I will be publishing on Substack and Cutle.fish.

Please join me there if you’re interested.

Here is the note explaining the shift:

In 2020, I am looking to write about cross-functional product development more regularly and intentionally. In the past, I have struggled with the following:

  • Letting people know about new posts without overwhelming them
  • Being at the whim of Medium and Medium publications
  • Establishing my own healthy tempo and cadence (and staying motivated)

Being short on time — and looking for immediate gratification — my habit has been to publish whenever/wherever, and just hope people will notice. I was reviewing Twitter recently and noticed halfway decent threads posted at 2AM while I waited for Julian (my son) to wake up and feed. This is worrisome on a couple levels: 1) I should be sleeping, and 2) I’m probably missing people I’d like to share and collaborate with.

Which brings me to this experiment: a weekly post published via Substack on Thursday mornings. According to Substack, you’ll receive an email with the post, and the post will live on this site. These posts will likely be on the short(er) side.

I’ll post starting Thursday, January 2nd.

I may also chose to put the content up on cutle.fish. Not sure yet.

Apparently there is an RSS feed at https://cutlefish.substack.com/feed




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