No Hashtag Needed

You don’t need a hashtag to live authentic.

If you follow media (and social media) this was a strange and telling week. First, a quasi internet-famous model from Australia dramatically quit social media, because she felt miserable living an artificial version of her life online. (I paraphrase). Second, a parody Instagram account called Socialite Barbie, made to lampoon the models and self-righteous influencers who make money through social media, also hung it up. Also, the Wall Street Journal reported we’re not sharing as much as we used to on Facebook.

We’re in this golden age of media and technology, so why does it make us feel so crappy? Why are we cooling to it? The whole social media experience can seem like a competition fueled by a bunch of trash foisted on us from marketers, which only serves to make us feel like we’re missing out on something better. Here’s the thing: We’re not.

If you’re ever feeling like this, a bit broken down from #FOMO or social media, my humble advice is to work on a project — a physical project. Make a meal, bake a loaf of bread, re-caulk your bathtub. Do something that you can complete relatively quickly that will give you a genuine sense of reward when you finish. I guarantee it will be way better than looking at #liveauthentic on Instagram.

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