The Accidental Medium

I didn’t plan to deactivate my product management blog……yet.

Or the website for the side business my wife has put on temporary (possibly permanent) hiatus this spring.

Once I applied the .htaccess redirect, however, I diverted traffic from them along with the two domains I was trying to shut down.

That’s gonna leave a mark. (GIF via Tenor)

Had I done this a few years ago, I would have spent time figuring out the intricacies of .htaccess and my hosting provider’s folder structure, then spent MORE time on the phone trying to repair the damage after I made it worse. And I would have positively determined what happened.

But not this time.

I’m free! (GIF via Tenor)

Whether or not I choose to repair the damage, I recognize that sometimes an adverse event is a catalyst. I’ve been keeping the websites updated in “spare time” I don’t have for years— adding a cookie notice, managing a fault-prone contact form, updating templates, and occasionally adding content.

I’m grabbing this as an opportunity to reduce effort on something I should have shut down long ago.

My wife’s new side business can survive and thrive on Instagram. I can write on Medium and reach my audience. What most people using these platforms know already is the reason: I don’t want to invest time in maintaining Wordpress sites.

*Or, as a side note, with ensuring my mailing list and website are GDPR compliant. I’m not doing anything (commerical or not) with them, so any time spent on that effort is wasted.

What I learned from Wordpress is interesting and useful, but it’s not benefitting me to continue focus on it. I want to spend spare time with family, not updating plugins.

So I’ll be spending that time on my career; my family; fitness; and on learning about & trading growth stocks. (speaking of which: have you seen how Twilio stock has performed since February?)

Sometimes a sharp, quick cut is best. No email announcement of an upcoming shutdown. No migration of old content to Medium in full before the transition.

It’s just gone.

And I’m better off for it.

As a postscript, a few months later I sat down and figured out the problem in about 15 minutes. I’m still not setting up anything on the domain, but at least I have it available to me..