My Suggestion for the New Boston College Athletic Director — Start at Kostka Hall
Mike Sweeney @Carousel 51


That is an awesome piece. Congrats and thank you.

The only topic that I believe needs more emphasis (and you touched briefly on it) is staying true to who BC athletes actually are — Students. BC continues to have one of the highest graduation rates amongst D1/BCS schools’ varsity athletes. Coaches like Tom O’Brien had no problem winning games while having high academic expectations from his student athletes. I can hear the snickers from the crowd as you all read this — we certainly had our share of athletes that couldn’t do long division — but we had a LOT of varsity athletes that were really intelligent and have been successful in life without football or other sports. I think it is an important part of the BC athletic program.

The rest of your article could not have been more spot on.

Go BC.

JP ‘84

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