This time last year I lived in Australia with my 50 inch TV and my 32 inch TV and my surround sound…
Ruby Heard

Haha, thanks Ruby. I laughed out loud a couple times. Once upon a time I realized I had seen every Seinfeld episode approximately 15 times and was still watching them at a rate of 2 per day. It too dawned on me that I may be wasting my life, so I told my roommates that I didn’t want cable any longer. We worked out a deal where I was literally not allowed to be in the living room if they were watching TV (as I had opted out of cable). There were some hilarious moments where I was streaming Game of Thrones online in another room while they watched the same show on cable. In general though it was amazing. I pretty much either read books or tried to get out of the house while they were watching TV.

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