The article is blatently bashing on the new MBP’s “specs” without doing any research into what is…
Robert Payne

Yeah, I was about to jump on the bashing bandwagon too. According to ArsTechnica, Kaby Lake processors with Iris GPUs won’t be available until January.

Maybe they could have used Kaby Lake in the MacBook Pros with AMD GPUs. Not sure. I also went to compare price between a high end Dell Latitude 7000 and the Apple MacBook Pro 13" and the Apple is better on price for my minimum configuration (16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD).

I’m still frustrated. Instead of miniaturizing the Pro so much, how about a removable SSD. My Crucial 1 TB laptop SSD is $250. However, Apple wants to charge $600 for soldered on drive. In a couple of years, I might want a 2 TB. Then what? What’s up with the RAM? Is 16 GB a chipset limitation? If not, let me start with 16 GB and upgrade my own RAM later too.

I’d love to carry fewer dongles by having HDMI and SD right on the machine. Turn the MacBook into a MacBook Air and leave the Pro for those that want an upgradeable Pro machine.

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