Persecution, Archaeology & Creation

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Iran baptism beach

5 Ways Persecution in Iran Has Backfired

We usually think of persecution as an evil permitted by God. We forget the truth that Tertullian said so long ago, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

Christ will build His Church. His plans cannot be thwarted. This is a promise we need to remember and cling to during this election season.

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Toilet discovered at shrine reveals Biblical tale of desecration of religious sites by King Hezekiah

In a day when all of biblical history is doubted, it is great to read about the work of these archaeologists. They unearthed a shrine in the ancient city of Lachish in Israel. The shrine was hidden within the city gates and they discovered a desecrated altar and an unused stone toilet, all from King Hezekiah’s reform movement in ancient Judah.

For those curious — the toilet was placed in a place of idol worship for the symbolic meaning of it. This is in line with what’s described in 2 Kings 10:27.

Why Does the Universe Look So Old?

This is a common question that most Christians ask themselves at some point. The question has reasonable answers. It does not need to lead you towards evolution and the denial of a literal reading of Genesis 1–3.

Tim Challies relays compelling answers via Al Mohler. Short answer = God made it that way on purpose, and sin made it even worse.

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