TGG #4: Reformation Day edition

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In the U.S., we celebrate Halloween today, or as the day has been known for almost 500 years, Reformation Day. It was October 31, 1517 that Luther nailed his 95 Theses upon the door of Castle Church, hoping to kick off a debate about the excesses seen in recent sales of indulgences. But as Pope Leo (a) really needed the money, (b) didn’t think much of Luther at the time, and © Luther’s theses focused on the actual, biblical means of God’s satisfaction, a lasting and true Reformation of the Church was launched.

In honor of Reformation Sunday, here are some ways to learn what really happened back then.

10 Things You Should Know about the Reformation

The title is click-bait and some of the headline principles are overstated, but Crossway managed to mix in some great facts amidst the hyperbole.


Luther’s Personal Reformation —

If you’ve never read much about Luther, this is a great starting point to learn about the man. He had great strength and great weaknesses.

Leighton the king and the beggar maid

Luther’s Justification Story —

Luther wrote a beautiful parable of justification, which is retold here.
Read it. Seriously!

Both movies are EXCELLENT! Made in 1953 (my favorite) and remade in 2003. Both are available on Youtube

And a Lesson for Today

There are many lessons for today from the Reformation. Below is one done correctly, that includes how it is often misapplied.

Latin dictionary 1024x815

Semper Reformanda —

Kevin DeYoung recently wrote a great article about what ‘semper reformanda’ (“always reforming”) really meant. It is sometimes used to argue that the church needs to stay current, when in fact the idea was to push churches to regularly consider their beliefs in light of God’s Word.