What would better search results for legal help look like?
Margaret Hagan

Insightful article and interesting project for your students. You never tackle simple stuff ;-)

Take a look at learnthelaw.org. Small-ish attempt to apply checklist thinking to legal problem life-cycle managment … and … structured as a “course” or a “class”. It’s working for the purposes originally designed, but I am hoping for a larger meta-structure to happen from the ground up. Solving a legal problem is not just finding the right court, filling out the right form, completing the right step, but a combination/checklist/learning journey of these steps. Because of the velocity of the justice system (sometimes fast, sometimes slow), we need a system that bookmarks our place in the process. Even better a system with a memory (and reminders) that helps us project manage the process. THAT would be something, so we started with simple checklists.

Will be interested in seeing what your students come up with.

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