First Flight! Oh What A Feeling…

Photo by Leonel Fernandez on Unsplash

I flew today, for the very first time in my 27-year life. Given, I did feel/know it would happen someday, but I never really knew how that’d be.

I had always looked forward to the day I’d eventually be on an airplane and experience the time in the skies. However, not in my wildest imagination did I think my first ever flight would be in the cockpit. A rare occurrence sought by many!

It’s one thing to see airplanes take off and land, plan flights on the ground, prepare the paperwork, analyse meteorological elements, do estimates, identify routes etc. It’s yet another thing to be in the flight deck watching everything unfold, the ground beneath you, the skies calling you, the clouds welcoming you into its embrace.

Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt throughout the four-sectored 300-minute flight that felt like 30 minutes, all senses on flick, taking it all in.

I got to experience the atmospheric pressure effects on the ears during climb and descent. I didn’t even know my hearing was impaired till much later. I’d learnt all about it in class for sure but I guess I liked to tell myself I’m some kind of Superman immune to biology and physics. Little did I know!

Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

Okay… I did feel some kinda apprehension when about to land at one of the airports during the course of the trip but that’s acceptable innit? Not everyone can boast of a frontrow seat view of a runway as you approach to land.

Now, I know for a fact that the flight deck is an office. The sheer level of attention, observation, checks, communication that goes on in there is a truly involving task. The honor accorded the flight crew is thoroughly deserved.

I know I’ll be on many more flights, but I may be in the cabin in most of them, and not the flight deck. So this is special.

But then, what do I know! Events may lead to me having my own epaulet and the reverse will be the case. I favor and hope for the latter.

Whatever happens after today, I’ll never forget this day, this feeling, this experience!

Worth the wait.

Here’s to more!!!