Downtown Toms River: Parks and Wrecked

People, please! Of course they have to raise the prices for parking downtown! How else is Toms River supposed to support all the things that attract locals and tourists? Like our small theatre that brings in talent and popular indie films from across the country! Wait what? Oh is that gone? Ok well what about the coffee shop that provides a sweet hang out for teens, and a place for local bands, poets and comics to perform? Oh is that…is that gone too? Well what about a variety of mom and pop bakeries, sandwich shops, and knickknack stores? THOSE TOO?

How about that pizza place named after a gangster and the courthouse across the street? OH THANK GOD they’re still there!

Guys, If you’re in the area this fall make sure you visit downtown Toms River where you can grab a slice from one of the hundred Italian restaurants we have in town ( and then swing by the courthouse to catch a senior citizen battle it out with a judge over a parking ticket because they couldn’t make it back to their car on time!