Attributes Of A Successful Leader

Employees often seek an inclusive work environment, where diversity in varying aspects is recognized in a positive manner. When a workplace respects differences in performance and welcomes innovation, they create a positive culture for employees. With a positive work culture, a company may develop a better rapport, which in turn will attract top talent. Positive work environments also make for better retention. A successful leader will cultivate certain attributes that will promote an inclusive work environment and influence the overall success of a company. conducted a survey, featuring six different companies, which assessed what leadership behaviors promote inclusion. Of the 1,512 employees surveyed, those who perceived this type of behavior from leadership, felt a greater sense of inclusion in the workplace.


When leadership motivates their direct reports to excel they instill a sense of belongingness. Leaders who encourage their team to develop attribute to an inclusive environment. When an employee feels as though management is actively supporting them to excel in their role and develop in their careers, they’ll feel as though their presence is appreciated and valued.


A leader who is humble will also promote an inclusive environment. Often times, when you think about the varying attributes of a successful leader, you don’t necessarily think of humility as such a prominent quality. When a leader demonstrates humility, they began more relatable to their employees, and in turn more approachable. Leaders who admit to their mistakes and seek contribution from their employees will establish a beneficial rapport.


In times when a leader shows that they’re willing to take risks on their employees, even at a personal cost, it shows altruistic leadership. Leaders who put aside their own interests to benefit their direct reports, create that same sense of belongingness in the workplace.


Leaders who hold their employees accountable for their work help shape the employees perception of inclusion. Accountability shows direct reports that you’re confident in their abilities to complete the task at hand, which again, instills a sense of belongingness.

While the attributes of successful leader are certainly an opinion, these qualities ensure a sense of inclusion. Promoting this type of work environment, where employees feel they are treated fairly, have equal opportunities, and contribute to a company’s success, will ultimately lead to business success.