Happy Wanderer

The Intimacy Of Touch

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

When I touched her

It was more than skin

Penetrating walls of ice

She’d built around her heart

I felt them melting

Revealing her soul

And projecting mine

I sensed her fear

Her urge to pull away

She felt it too

Then she touched back

Body, mind and soul




Darkness And Light

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Breadth of shady tree

Darkness is wrought into light

Lazing underneath

In a clear night sky

Stars attract wandering heart

Walking in shadows

In retrospect I am fascinated with my struggles to navigate the cycle of hurt — anger — denial — acceptance — forgiveness and ultimately gratitude.

Eventually I…



Picture by me

When the sun disappears
In creep my biggest fears

To restlessly struggle with
All the why’s and what if’s

Finally when I open my eyes
Grateful that it’s time to rise

A quick prayer to start the day
Hope my struggles have gone away

Reminder: I am a switch, not…



Happy Wanderer

Happy Wanderer

A sensitive soul who has always felt things deeply and differently. My blessing and my curse in awkward harmony.