I say, “Well, what would happen if everybody were out of work?” We already know what happens when people have enough. They compete on the basis of added value that is creativity, that is caring.
What If the Purpose of Business Is To Create?
John Battelle

John, while I share the celebratory sentiments like your many other readers about this piece, you make an undisciplined jump to assume that when all is automated and everyone is out of work, that people will fall back on Creativity to trailblaze new avenues to ‘make a living’ for themselves. With automation stripping away the ability for people to earn a living and provide for the ones they love, it is somewhat naive to think that the Automation will not also monopolize the small value people make also. It seems today that anywhere a new company creates value, another company with great resources will attempt to swoop in and take that value away for itself — to further its own mission even if that new value is far from its core business.