SEO tool that comes with best blend of features

Elite Site Optimizer, also known as “ESO,” is an agency offering a host of tools to help websites get higher rankings in search-engine results and more online traffic. Let’s look at what they can do and compare their features to five similar competitors to see how they stack up.

ESO has “SEO,” or search-engine optimization, tools that are ideal for webmasters, developers and other SEO consultants seeking to expand their business. ESO gives many layers of in-depth, ongoing analysis about how your website is performing online in terms of visibility and interactions using weekly tests on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Elite Site Optimizer even monitors and reports on multiple domains too if you subscribe to the all-inclusive plan called the “Agency” package. This subscription includes:

  • Customized reports for as many domains as you want
  • Research for 45,000 keywords each month
  • Analysis of your top five competitors and tips on how to beat them
  • Integration of your Google analytics data into an opportunities report that helps you understand your current traffic and how to improve it
  • Website audits that clearly detail on-page optimization issues for every web page
  • Link checking to make sure every link performs well
  • Social-signal tracking that describes your activities across all social-media accounts all in one place

Application program interface, or “API,” ranking data that helps you or your SEO business build your own customized tools and apps for clients

A weekly assessment of your “backlinks,” or all links from other websites that lead to your website

1. Experts at Zyra Media, Inc. provide advice, reports and make changes to a website for you. They give personalized quotes to each customer depending on what they need, making them more practical for those who are new to website development and don’t want involvement with all the gritty details of SEO ranking. Zyra sells one-time SEO assistance packages as well as a monthly subscription. While their goals are the same as those of ESO, they don’t list specifically what their work entails.

2. GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC sells an SEO subscription service that you can buy along with your domain. However, you have to buy a new subscription for each website you manage. Their SEO tools are rather basic and include features like keyword generators, a suggested-topics tool and reports including a checklist of tasks to boost your SEO. They also try to promote your website across Yahoo!, Google, AOL and Bing search engines.

3. Moz Pro by SEOmoz, Inc. is an application that gives website audits and custom insights from your own campaign dashboard. It may be appealing to advanced web developers, but the amount of metrics it shows can easily overwhelm and confuse those who are just starting out in the SEO industry. Even those with some experience may struggle with deciding which changes are most important to make first when working with Moz Pro. It does crawl tests to audit a maximum of 3,000 pages against any website, tracks rankings for every web page, monitors any mentions of your website elsewhere online, searches for keywords and analyzes the anchor text in your links.

4. WooRank experts offer SEO tools and training to evaluate your website and list the improvements you need to make. Their one-time free trial seeks to encourage clients to sign up for their monthly subscription of online-optimization services. WooRank simplifies the SEO process down to an integrated marketing checklist arranged in terms of priority. They seek out at least 70 areas in which a website can improve, and they give a competitive analysis of how your website performs against the other leaders in your industry. Unfortunately for new developers, WooRank’s reports don’t include a step-by-step guide to explain how to make the required changes to boost your SEO rankings.

5. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool by Screaming Frog Ltd. is a desktop software program that runs on personal computers, Macintosh computers and Linux systems. It gathers and analyzes SEO information from all your website’s images, links, script and apps. You can use it on as many websites as you like simultaneously. However, you can only buy a yearly subscription. They have a robust list of features, but this service in particular is only for a highly experienced developer.

In conclusion, you can see that most SEO tools from these top companies favor either new webmasters or highly experienced internet marketers. Typically, it’s difficult for SEO tools to accommodate everyone well. However, most would agree that ESO’s optimization tools are the best choice because they give you the best blend of features and they’re easy for developers of every level to work with.