Positivity inspires

Today I would like share the inspiration that I got earlier , you see when we are very upset , awaiting for something, for a very long time, we lose our hope at a point and that’s where we encounter our self in the middle of no-where . we are all gods creation and at times like these our only refuge is our creator…..and we are his image . well that’s not it , we tend to forget the fact that we are his plants and trees in his garden…..

Roses of Zion

As I move in to the garden of love,

I was ushered by the proprietor;

He exhibited some of the charming blooms,

The blissful facet says many.


They are florals for my palace,

there pigments are my dainty;

Fragrances filling-up my court,

Delighted at its zeal.

Although fear being folded,

Janitor of yours is here..!

let your petals unfold,

amidst the bouquet.

Raise up the shrubs,

tribute comes to thee;

borderlines will be augmented,

I love thee, garland of thee bridegroom.

- john Richard

as you see we are in our creators garden not a tree or a plant that’s growing in wilderness or forest , in which they have to grow by themselves.” the one who called us is more faithful”.

tally ho!

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