:) I guess these things just happen..but
Julius Koronci

No, sorry, you’ve simply not read the article. Just for you, a potted version.

I bought the first late 2016 model when it first came out. It was faulty. After lots of arguing with them to let me return it rather than repair it, they finally agreed and I bought another one (a higher spec model for more money — 3.3k GBP — around 4.3k USD). That one was also faulty.

After lots of hassle. After being called a liar. After lots of wasted journeys, time and money, they finally accepted there was a general fault with these models and offered to repair it.

They refused to provide a machine whilst they fixed it. So I did what Apple staff themselves told me to do. Buy one to use while it was being repaired and then return it.

Happy to help.

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