You could easily switch to other hardware, but you do not.
Oleg Sklyar

Ok, where to start…

Firstly, I did explicitly make the point in the article that I wouldn’t use Windows again (unless some sort of miracle happened). And I explained that — for my desktop needs — a Linux computer isn’t suitable for me, although I run many servers with it and also develop locally using VMs too (IDE on Mac, Ubuntu VM on an ‘old’ iMac on the network).

The point of my rant? For a start to make people aware that if they have had the same problem I had, and they paid for the repair — which I know some people have — they should go and get their money back. That’s a good enough reason alone.

But also to raise awareness of the issue. And the number of comments, views, ‘claps’ (thanks for them, but ugh — ‘claps’) and tweets etc this has received shows others face similar problems.

As for the article going unnoticed by those I should be addressing my complaint to…

Apple are more than aware of my feelings on this already. I didn’t write this for Apple to read it, but given it is Medium and given the number views it’s getting, it is quite possible someone at Apple will read it. Will it make a difference? Who knows. But it was my time I used to write it, not yours, and I’d write it again tomorrow.

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