Hey, John Risby,
Diane Young

Thanks Diane. I don’t mean to totally put people off Apple. I actually would prefer the opposite. But Apple need to up their game when it comes to quality control, design (enough with the ‘how thin can it go’ nonsense) and most importantly start treating customers correctly.

I understand the current version of this model is fixed now (but I can’t be 100% certain) so I wouldn’t necessarily want to put you off if you want one. Other than these problems — and the price — they are decent machines.

Oh, and if you buy one now, you get the benefit of the new 2017 model (sorry I forgot to mention that they upgraded the product after 8 whole months… and yes, that meant by the time I finally got mine working, it was already out of date…). The 2017 model gives you a faster processor, faster SSD access and faster graphics on the 15" model… Although you still won’t get a wall cable for the power supply. They removed that luxury from the Macbook Pro last year…

ps. and thanks, she is utterly adorable ;)

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