The Technorati vs. the Left Behinds

Let me know how this framework works.

If you are confused about this year’s US Presidential campaign, you should be. The analysts, pundits, pollsters, and political parties are confused because the US political landscape is undergoing a tectonic shift.

A new social class is born

That fact became crystal clear to me after Super Tuesday when nearly the entire establishment, from the Democratic and Republican parties to the media to academia to senior government employees, banded together to confront Trump. In that moment, connected as they were by social media and confronted by common enemy, it became clear that the values that united this group far outweighed the issues that didn’t.

Their unified denunciation was the primal scream of a new social class emerging onto the American scene. A class that has the potential to create a powerful new political party (or take over an existing one) by drawing the “best and brightest” from both the Democratic and Republican establishments .

I call this new class the technorati. A socially networked, globally focused class. A class based on similarities in education, financial success, career attainment, social values, global outlook, educational level, and use of technology. This group has been successful. They have good jobs, well funded retirement plans, and generous health insurance and it is starting to realize that it has more in common with people of similar status in other countries around the world, than with the people living near them in the US.

The Left Behinds

The technorati isn’t the only new social class. The other is a large group of people best described as the left behinds. The people who didn’t benefit from globalization, financialization and technology. The people getting creamed. The people who lost good jobs, benefits, and status. People who paid for college but are perpetually unable to find a job that makes use of that education. People now adrift in an America so unmoored, it makes “people of walmart”possible.

The left behind are finding their voice. For the over educated and chronically underemployed and heavily indebted young, Sanders is their voice. Sanders voters share the technorati’s obsession with the social values of globalization. They are different from the technorati in that they don’t forgive the global financial system for destroying wealth and limiting opportunity. Sanders agrees, and he’s also willing to fund the social programs that will support them while they pursue the meaning they find in online pursuits.

The other challenger representing the left behinds is Donald Trump. He’s artfully cast himself as their sole representative. Their protector. A man willing, unlike any other, to take the fight to the technorati for their role in betraying them to globalization (and soon technological pressures from bots….).