Ignorance is bliss? — little ideas to get you writing
Let's get writing!

I drive and hour to and from work everyday. Since Texas has not passed any laws against texting it upsets me so much when I see people on there cellphones when they are driving. Just the other day I was going to pickup my wife from work and a lady was blocking traffic on the freeway trying to change lanes and as I passed her she had her cellphone in her left hand staring at the screen. Put down your phone and drive, PLEASE!

Vehicles have warnings all over the place about having small children in the front seat. Just the other day I was coming from the bank and at a red light I look at the car next to me and there is an infant sitting in the lap of the front seat passenger. Hey, if you have small children put them in the backseat and/or a car seat.

It’s almost 2016, why is there still so much racism all over the world. Stop watching the news.

Is ignorance really bliss?