Fighter Pilots Can’t Fight If They Can’t See
War Is Boring

How does the author reconcile his initial statement that fighter pilots want first look over anything else with the statement

“ To suggest that the F-35 would perform as well as either the F-15 or F-16 in the air superiority role”

and the role of stealth in today’s modern air warfare? My understanding is that the F-35 was never even targeted by F-15s and F-16s in 12 mock air battles. They were shot down without ever detecting the adversary F-35s.

With the technology employed on the F-35 a pilot could easily function without any glass cover on the cot pit. With the ability to “see through” the plane, even straight downward, I cannot imagine how anyone familiar with the technology employed on the F-35 could arrive at a different conclusion.

The notion that the F-35 would have to turn off their cot pit to avoid EM detection by S-400 missile batteries just flies in the face of actual physics. The fact that cot pit is entirely coated in metal and composite carbon based materials and coated everywhere with RAM would lead anyone with an understanding of electromagnets to conclude that the EM emissions from the F-35 are minimal.

I could go on rebutting every single point of this article, but I have made my point.

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