Sam Ovens — Scam Alert — Review

Just like most internet scammers, Sam uses the “bait and switch” method. The bait is his Facebook ad that bolsters a link to “FREE” training on how to make six figures in consulting. Such a sensationalist ad leads to a bunch of people clicking the link and registering for the webinar. What they quickly find out is that his so-called “FREE” training is in reality a sales pitch for his $2,000 program. He over-hypes the program through fake testimonials and plain hyperbole.

The reality is that his program will not make you any money, it is nothing new and is literally just common sense. EVERY SINGLE person I met who took his course had negative reviews. None of them made a dime and the course simply wasted their time. Even worse is that sam didn’t return their money despite his money back guarantee. The fact that he doesn’t respect his refund policy and never issues refunds validates the terrible quality of his course.

If you collect $2,000 from 5,000 people… you’ve made $10,000,000 dollars. Many of the well-known online gurus are raking in millions from unsuspecting victims. This is how they made/make their millions. There is NO consultancy. The consultancy is just smoke and mirrors. The millions are made from the money that you’re about to give them. Yes it’s quite stupid when you think about it. Yet they are the ones laughing it all the way to the bank.

So please do yourself a favour and don’t lose your money on Sam Ovens’ programs.

One of Many Negative Reviews on Sam Ovens’ program