Alan’s Patience

Let me tell you something I have not forgotten about Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. During GMA’s presidency, I’ve always admired his uncompromising stance towards the strengthening the check and balance mechanisms of the republic.

It was during one of the attempts on impeachment, when the young congressman of the lone district of Taguig was interviewed on TV. He was asked by the news reporter why go through all the impeachment process when everybody knew it is just going to be defeated by the majority of congressmen. The lower house then, true to tradition, was swarming with Malacanang’s sycophants.

Always a good communicator, he explained it so well that it stuck with me for years to come. He said that the process is part of what makes a democratic republic. The United States is great because its people patiently practiced these traditions no matter how imperfect they were at first, constantly iterating them towards near perfection. He said that as a people we should be patient enough for this seemingly useless processes because it’s what it takes to perfect our democracy. Impressive.

Yes, this is the same Alan who is now the spokesperson of the shortcuts of the present administration. Maybe, his patience for the processes of nation building has run out. Too bad for us, too bad for the republic.