By saying these aren’t real transgenders, you are engaging in the “No true scotsman” fallacy…
John Rohan

I assume you are calling the Bible a “2000 year old book full of mistakes”? You realize that Barack Obama follows that same, Bible, right? So does Clinton, so does Martin Luther King, etc.

But that’s a red herring because I didn’t bring religion into this.

Guess what. YOU don’t get to decide who is trans and who isn’t. The guidelines I just showed you are very clear. All you need is to declare your identity, and that’s it. And at stores like Target, you don’t even have to do that!

And you claim real women AREN’T being forced to shower with biological males around? Didn’t you read the article? but here is more info in case you missed it:

Finally, no, you do not have the medical establishment on your side. Most medical authorities do agree transgenderism is a real thing, however, NONE of them claim that someone can change from XY to XX chromosomes just because they want to, or claim that a trans person can change their reproductive role from male to female.

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