The Whatchamacallits

My two sons are within the latest generation that many refer to as The Centennials (born 1996-present) — also known as iGen, Gen Z, Digital Natives, etc.

But there is no better expert than Jack MacKenzie of Magid Generational Strategies, who calls them the best name yet — “The Pluralists.”

  • No majority per se
  • Minority of households are married-couple HHs
  • Caucasian minority by 2042
  • A plural race POTUS, plural parenting prototypes
  • Plural and fragmented media consumption
  • Plural and fragmented global enemies, etc.

The real dynamic is that Pluralists are the children of Generation X, whereas Millennials before them are children of Baby Boomers.

Pluralists are streetsmart — less optimistic than Millennials, and less likely to believe in 9-to-5 and “The American Dream.”

Gen X parents are more Coach than Confidant, more surveillance (fighter pilot parent) than involvement (helicopter parent), more about MY kid than ALL kids on the team, more about only the best win on the traveling club elite team than everyone wins on the AYSO all-comers team.

Not much marketing-to-pluralists insights yet, other than keep it visual and keep it authentic (i.e. their BS detectors are at an all-time high).

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