5 ways the 1 key makes the difference

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I think most people are ready for 2020 to be over, myself included.

We all know that nothing actually changes going into the New Year. COVID will still be here. Chaos in our government will be prevalent. Riots will likely continue.

But what a New Year does give us is… hope.

Hope that things will change. Hope that we can change. Hope that we can make things change.

And why I continue writing for this crazy, synergistic publication

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Let’s be honest, this publication is wild. All over the place.

And it works.

It fits.

It’s as it says, synergistic, welcoming.

There’s a lot of energy here. A lot of support.

When I first started writing on Medium, I had poured my heart into some stories I had written and then I posted them into the vastness of Medium only to be swallowed up into obscurity. As I’ve met others on here, this seems to be the common way of getting started.

I didn’t really know how to use Medium yet. I didn’t know how to engage with other writers. I didn’t know how to support and be supported. I just posted my stories and let them be with most of my feedback coming from those on Facebook and Twitter which was great, but I was really trying to figure out how to connect on Medium with people I didn’t already know. …

Black Lives Matter

A question I’ve wrestled with for 10+ years becomes all too relevant

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Is it OK for White People to Post Photos with African Children to Support Black Lives Matter?

My short answer is, no. No, it is not ok.

It misses the mark entirely.

At the same time, I see others slinging stones at those who do and I don’t think that is the appropriate response either.

My hope is for this article to be a resource for you, a place of learning, just as I am learning each day as well.

I served ten years with an international non-profit focused on orphans and children-at-risk in Zimbabwe. My first trip to Zimbabwe was for two months. In two months time, you make more than friends, you make family. I stayed in homes, I stayed in villages, I ate foods I’d never heard of, and I traveled the country. People in villages would shout ‘Mzungu!’ (white man!)

Rachel’s story of 104 years of faith, movement, & never giving up

Rachel, a few days from turning 104, went to the doctor’s office for a cortisone shot. She asked where a couple of specific doctors were, and her daughter-in-law let her know that they had already died. Rachel responded, “What! All the doctors have died and I’m still here?!!”

That’s the Rachel I know, or for me, Grandma.

Rachel was born on Nov 29th, 1915, in Hope, Indiana.

She lived through the Great Depression, losing her life savings she had put away in the bank to attend college.

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She was a female reporter in an era where few women worked. She went door to door around the square in Hope, Indiana and walked into the local shops and asked them what news they had. …

My 1-Year Medium Anniversary

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Photo Courtesy of Author: on a Road Trip to and through Denali National Park

Hello Medium!

What a fun year spending time with all of you. I’m a lot like most of you. I love to write. I dream of being published. And I didn’t quite know what my next steps were. A friend recommended I sign up for Medium and it’s been quite the year.

I kicked off my first month of writing with 5 cents! Any of you feel me?! (No matter how much you start with, you’re getting paid, which means, you’re a professional writer, congratulations!)

Questions for NBA Video 101

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John, what’s the best part about your job, and what’s the least attractive part? — Terry Mansfield

Thanks for the question Terry!

I enjoy answering this question because I think it is very different from what people expect. Many people see the limelight, the superstars, the ‘NBA life’ and are drawn to that. But when it comes down to it, it’s a job. You show up, you work hard, you go home. Cycle, repeat. Just like any other job but with its own nuances.

So what is the best part of the job?

Simply, it’s the people I get to work with.

When I was kid and even all the way through college and when I got into the NBA, my dream was to be a General Manager. To be the guy who built a roster, who made the trades and drafted the players. The guy who helped shape a roster and culture. After a few years in the business, seeing the good sides and the bad, my vision changed. I went from wanting to be the ‘guy’ to wanting to be a part of a well-run franchise and a great group of people. You can’t put a price on good people. It makes all the difference in whether you enjoy your job or not. And when you are in a demanding industry, where you are often with the same people around the clock, 7 days a week, it sure is a good thing to like them. The importance of being in a good city, with a good organization and good staff cannot be understated. …


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I waded the snow, it was so cold
It wasn’t the snow though, it was my soul
So weak and fragile, once fierce and bold
Once full of love, yet now grown old

Life had hit me, it’s ups and downs
I fought five, six, knocked out in 8 rounds
Once a prince, now I lay as a clown
The world was mine, now exiled from town

They love you then they hate you when you become your own
When they cannot control you, your life is not on loan
Yes, you’ll take a beating, the soul will ache and moan
Life is but a mystery, to all it is…

Writing Prompt #1

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What were your 3 Favorite Books of 2020?

The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud


John Ross

Writing stories, working in the NBA, and learning each day how to better love my neighbor @thejorolife

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