7 things to begin your workday

Getting the sequence right is key…

  1. Eat breakfast. If you don’t eat, you’ll have less energy later in the workday.
  2. Unless you work from home, put on clothing and go to work. If you leave home undressed, they’ll lock you up.
  3. Spend time doing the most important thing.
  4. Spend time doing the 2nd most important thing.
  5. Spend time doing the 3rd most important thing.
  6. Spend time doing the 4th most important thing.
  7. Spend time doing the 5th most important thing.

I know all of this, but rarely do it.

Sequence is key. Sometimes I do #7 before #3, or forget to do #1. This is the most common mistake. Sometimes #3 should be prioritizing and planning for #4–7.

Take breaks when needed. Sometimes I forget to take breaks. Also a mistake. Maybe taking a break should be on the list.

Note that if your true priority isn’t work-related (reading, yoga, meditation), then you should probably do that sometime before item #3.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Eat breakfast, keep yourself out of jail, prioritize.