“ You don’t need to be brilliant to be a danger to democracy; quite literally, an idiot could do…
Al Black

You’re a partisan troll.

So it’s OK when conservatives are a “danger to democracy” when they don’t accept being losers and resist with every means, but when progressives do it, it undermines the basis of Democracy? You are clueless since the peaceful transfer of power to the winner, and the acceptance of the result by the loser and their supporters is accomplished, but no one has to quietly accept the policies as the right wing committed not to do before Obama was even sworn in. Their statement was to resist everything all the time to ensure he didn’t succeed at anything and was a one term failure. I don’t think you realize just how corrosive your idiocy over the last 8 years was to the body politic. When you de-legitimized your President, it de-legitimised democracy and that is where we find ourselves now: next stop, Autocracy. But that seems to be fine with you as long as it is a conservative dictator.

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