How do people get paid- I hope a shit ton of overtime to come into work and answer questions from people like me who would say something like, “I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to deposit that check into the ATM machine. I just don’t trust it. And when will the funds be available? I have enough to cover the cost of the check in my account- just wondering?” :)
Your cubicle is so different than mine….
Kathleen Clarke Anderson

All my guys are salaried so there’s no overtime pay for them. The on-call bullshit means that they’ll never get to take another vacation without possibly getting calls from work. It happened to me in February when I went to Clarksdale. Our work/life balance is a flat out lie. Now, when dealing with customers that ATM phobias and don’t trust a machine to ingest their money…that I can’t help with. When will the funds be available? Depends on when you deposit the money. For my work, if it’s before 1400 (2pm), then the funds should be immediately available, after 1400, then it’ll be the next business day. If you’re still writing checks, give it 5 days after they’re cashed to for it to be debited before worrying…that’s what I do ;)