So- sounds like life is running along smoothly- I had to get a kid expelled- for copying word for…
Kathleen Clarke Anderson

Sorry for the delayed response. I hope this finds you well and happy. Life is going smoothly for now and I’ll gladly take it. The gigs are steady, one more this weekend then we’re off till late August. After the gig my wife and I are going to see Chicago and the Doobie Brothers, neither of which I’m a fan of but my wife LOVES them. The band I’m in, Movin’ On, already does China Grove and Listen to the Music so I’ll already be bored when we hear those tunes. I’ll be a sweaty mess but it’s all in the name of rock ‘n roll.

Sorry to hear about your student. That had to have been tough on you and him, unless he really didn’t care. I can’t fathom what you had to go through for all that. I guess by the time you get this, summer school will be done. Outside of the kid getting expelled, how did the rest of it go? I quit the acupuncture…did nothing to curb my smoking. Do you have any other plans for the summer or just getting some down time? I imagine you’re already preparing for the Fall.

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