Ugh. The dreaded question. My son loves watching. Granted he usually (though not as much as he used to) watches things that are either educational or tolerable. Still, he asks WAY too much. Like, dude, we haven’t forgotten that you always wanna watch something. You’ll know when it’s OK for you to do it (i.e. we’re tired and have no more fucks left to give).
15 Things I’d Be Fine Not Hearing for a Few Days

When my 3 were little (they’re in their 20s now) it was more like, “Daddy, got a minute”. Which means there’s something rather meaningless when it’s 4th and 1…in the 4th quarter…of a playoff game. OR 6 seconds left…in a 1 point game…during the NCAA basketball tournament elite 8 round.

But I will say this, its great to know how well my kids trust the fact that I listen. I learned early to make what’s important to them in the moment just as important to me. It’s always fostered trust and communication. But they still haven’t learned how important the playoffs are and it pisses me off to no end!!

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