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Wow, it is so good to read down through the comments and see so many of my fellow Americans so well informed on this issue. These easily shoot down this propaganda article with fact and figures.

Hillary will seek to take gun rights away from Americans. There is no doubt. It is the Socialists and New World Order’s dream to finally disarm American. Don’t forget, in the 2000 Democratic primaries, Bill Bradley ran on a platform of registering all handguns. And Hillary and her liberal judges will seek to finish off this issue once and for all.

It endangers us all. Because it is not only a matter of self protection but it is truly a national security issue as well. Unlike most any country in the world, with as many guns as Americans personally own, and the amount of combined firepower that this represents, no nation or nations on Earth would contemplate coming here and physically taking us over. Fighting a conventional war inside North America would be the end of whoever tried.

And once again, it points to the suicidal folly of the left.

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