I’m Voting Third Party and My Vote Won’t be Wasted

I’ve never been a member of either of the 2 major parties in our country. Neither party has ever really represented my view for what is best for our country but I have always been able to convince myself to vote for a major party . Sometimes I have voted for a Democrat and sometimes I have voted for a Republican. Not this time. Neither of the 2 major parties have produced a candidate for President that is worthy of my vote. So, I am going third party. Here’s why:

  1. Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still voting for evil
    I refuse to be frightened by those on the left who say “a third party vote is a vote for Trump” or those on the right who say “a third party vote is a vote for Clinton”. I have tried to figure which of the major party candidates is the “lesser of two evils”, but I can’t. They are both evil, albeit in different ways. My conscience will not let me vote for either.
  2. Most votes are “wasted” anyway
    As Stephen Weese points out, our voting system is setup in such a way that most votes are “wasted” anyway. Here in Texas for example, the latest polls show Trump with a 9.5% lead. Unless my vote is the 1 vote that Trump needs to overcome Clinton, my vote for Trump would be wasted. By the same token, my vote for Clinton in Texas will likely be wasted because all indications (at the moment) are she will lose Texas. Since it is unlikely that my vote for either major party will truly matter, I am free to vote my conscience.
  3. A third party vote is the only true “anti-establishment” vote
    The national leadership in our country is irreparably broken. Anyone who currently holds an elected seat in Washington DC should be removed from office as quickly as possible. By voting for a third party I guarantee that my vote will not go towards keeping an incumbent in office. If enough people cast third party votes, even if no third party candidate gets elected, we can send a message to Washington that we are sick and tired of the status quo. And maybe, just maybe, force open some space in the middle for dialog between the parties.
  4. A third party candidate could deny the Presidency to either of the major party candidates
    I know it’s a long-shot, a “hail Mary”, but if a third party candidate could get enough electoral college votes, that candidate could deny both Clinton and Trump the 270 electoral votes they need to win the Presidency. Doing so would force the House of Representatives to choose the President. I can’t image the chaos that would cause, but it just might force the House to sit down and actually work together on something. That in itself would be a step in the right direction.

I have friends and relatives on both ends of the political spectrum who are staunch supporters for their candidate. I know how they feel about the other party’s candidate, they reveal it almost everyday in the ridiculous click-bait posts they share on social media. My hope is that they will take their blinders off and take an honest look at the candidate they are currently supporting and ask themselves “is this person worthy of my vote”. I have and I will be voting third party.