The Coup

We often envision our politicians, CEO’s, federal agency directors, and others, as something godlike. And why shouldn’t we? They have enormous power, which they use to compete against other countries’ rulers themselves.

Because of that, our leading figures get to take the biggest slices of the national pie. But in a general sense, the American array of cultish personalities have a collective investment in the stability of the country. This is why the firing of the FBI Director was more than symbolic. It demonstrated that there is a force within our political system that cannot be easily contained, and it has a different vision as to how the country should be run. Its effects have been profound enough to erode faith in the staying power of some our leaders. We’re confused – how is this man attacking the media, former presidents, and intelligence agencies, all while talking shit on twitter?

I’m not trying to be dramatic when I say we are in the midst of a coup right now. How serious it turns out to be remains to be seen. The armed forces are the most obvious favorite for coup-related activities, and control over them could be contested. It helps explain why Trump has been more than happy for them to have recent posturing exercises in Syria, Afghanistan and the Korean Peninsula, all while giving them constant praise.

The changes to our system will continue to appear sporadically, but each one chips away at the foundation of the set of rules and norms that have governed the country for quite some time. If it continues, the turbulence could grow exponentially.