10 companies i wish i could start

  1. A tarp making company to put up a tarp over my favourite downtown patio bar in five seconds, for out-of-nowhere downpours.
  2. A designer babies company
  3. A country club for AI personalities only (coming soon to the world).
  4. A VR entertainment company consisting of a drone travelling to all corners of the world. I would spend weeks in this thing at a time just exploring, observing the current state of the world. Would require extremely long distance drones, probably could happen with a network of global drones.
  5. A condom company where you could wear the condom with a soft penis, not having to fuss to get in on when the penis becomes erect.
  6. An accountability company where a group of individuals would commit to adopting important habits together as a group. Like meditation, journaling, and cold showers.
  7. An app that played any song I wanted on repeat without having to constant load. A better version of listenonrepeat.com.
  8. A student development company teaching kids life lessons as opposed to academic lessons.
  9. A school for adults on the weekends.
  10. A reflection company focused on providing tools for better reflection. Workshops, really nice journals, fountain pens, member access to accountability groups.
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