8 reasons i feel relieved to be done school

  1. I can be alone more. At school it’s very often quite difficult to be alone, and when I am, I feel like I shouldn’t be. Now, without school, I know I can enjoy some more non-guilty alone time, as I work to learn more about myself, and come out of it more self aware and useful to others.
  2. I can have more time to pursue my interests. With less time spent on school, something that is full of things I am only partially interested in, I can spend all of time on things I am totally interested in. And, if I do this in a consistent dedicated way where I learn a lot and share my learnings with those around me, I will be able to make my life sustainable.
  3. I can feel less stressed. While it’s hard to describe, and hard to pin point exactly why, I feel an insurmountable weight finally lifted off my shoulders. It’s as though “not that stressed” has a whole new meaning now.
  4. I can be more spontaneous. Without a consistent schedule, limiting me to be one place consistently, I can move around whenever I want, doing whatever I want. I experience ultimate freedom.
  5. I can read more. With very little energy left from expending my energy on school and defending my ego from feeling inadequate despite being very different and with different goals than those around me, I wasn’t able to read. I could have read, but it was an unpleasant experience, usually done at parts in the day where I had very little energy, because it was all expended elsewhere. Now, I can read as much as I want.
  6. I can rest more. Without the constant need to be busy all the time or risk feeling stagnant, I can now enjoy guilt-free bliss.
  7. I can work to become more valuable. With more free time, I can pursue much more difficult avenues of learning and performance. With all this time, I feel overwhelmed with excitement as I use it to focus on activities to better myself that I previously didn’t have the time or energy to commit to consistently.
  8. I can surround myself with people of different ages to learn more. Only surrounded by adults of mostly child-bearing age, and my peers, around the same age, now I can expand to learning more about people at different ages. Maybe even play with some kids.