Ideas of the Day December 14, 2016

  1. It’s probably a good idea to take people up on favors when they ask, that way you capture the reciprocation law and force yourself to give to them in the future, keeping the value chain going.
  2. I like doing a million at things at once, and while everyone on the internet and in books says that it’s better to monotask, and meditate and be calm, to me right now, I feel like switching tasks the second something gets monotonous is best overall productive for me. I optimize for my feeling at that moment to get the best return on my energy.
  3. Can you sell google AdWords as a service at a premium to technologically illiterate people?
  4. Should not using a journal be illegal?
  5. Listen 100x harder to smart people and normal listening amount to regular people
  6. If I keep looking for ways to provide value to people, sending people little “hi’s” as they randomly come to me throughout the day, I will start a bunch of reciprocation loops forcing them to provide value to me, it’s kind of like being a relationship entrepreneur, making my friends work for me.
  7. As long as I am growing very fast, I am happy. When I feel depressed, I’m usually growing very slowly.
  8. Do people still buy websites?
  9. Breaking down tasks into 5–15 minute sized chunks eliminates procrastination for me