there are two ways to do it

first, you can tell the world what you need to get good at

picking how you spend most of your time (work) based on others

work hard,

get good at it,

and then feel passionate and useful to the world

or, you can try a bunch of different things

in a pursuit guided by interest

and end up on something you can’t help wanting to spend time on

then, you enjoy the process of getting better at it

and becoming useful to the world comes as a nice surprise,

much later,

but it seems much less important

because you learned to love the process.

This is a poem that is really important to me, because I care and worry deeply for many of my friends who are entering jobs that they don’t actually like that they are in because of money, power, their parents, or all three, and are forcing themselves through a painful dip, where the pain is entirely necessary.

If only school taught us that it was possible to find work you love.